Hoverboards are a thing though I have not seen many use them of late they will be on the Christmas list for many parents this festive season and just like any electrical product there can be risks and we have seen a big example this year with the Samsung Note 7 for a fine example. Hoverboards or self balancing scooters did not get off to a good start either with the battery exploding whilst charging and so on and even though there has been no news of accidents of late its down to us the consumer to watch what are buying,especially imports. The CCPC have just published a guide for people to check out before buying such equipment.


Stark findings 


We have investigated a large number of hoverboards/self-balancing scooters and haven’t yet found one that has met safety standards.

Our investigations have found hoverboards with non-compliant and potentially unsafe plugs and fuses, as well as significant issues with the cables, chargers and battery packs. If the AC/DC adapter/charger or the battery pack overheat, it could potentially cause a fire. This poses a serious risk to consumers.


Check the CE Mark


Certain products, including toys and electrical and gas appliances sold in the EU, must comply with specific safety regulations. These products must also carry the CE mark which shows that they meet the required safety standards for that type of product.




Watch else to watch out for

If you are thinking about buying a hoverboard, you should also:

  • Check the box, charger and the board itself for markings or traceable information; such as the name and full contact details of the manufacturer and the importer. If this information is missing, do not buy it.


  • Check the manual for spelling mistakes and information or instructions that don’t make sense.


  • Check for genuine online reviews if you are buying a board online or on social media. You should also look for information about the business’s head office location and landline number. Sites with no contact details or without positive reviews may not be professional operations.


  • Be wary of buying these products on social media or online from someone you don’t know. You may be at risk of buying something which is very unsafe.


  • Remember also that if you buy from another consumer, your consumer rights do not apply.


  • Remember that if you feel that the product isn’t safe, don’t buy it.


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Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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