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Brendan Lahert has been testing out this device for us on his travels with more to come on another trip to the USA check out this in the meantime..

The Huawei E5577 MiFi network works just like a standard router. The only difference is that it’s smaller and portable.  It can be shared with several users; they’ll just need to find the connection on their phones / laptop and key in the passcode. I have used data Dongles / MiFi for years on the road, avoiding Hotel charges, where many networks Limit tethering to your phone. The additional advantages of using a MiFi allows a different network sim For Tablet / Laptops. On this MiFi, its great to have signal strength & battery indicator on a clear easy to view display which is taken for granted on your smart phone. Try using a MiFi dongle with no digital display or enter a poor signal area without a display.
The MiFi comes with standard Micro-USB cable, charger, MiFi, and battery. The Huawei MiFi is very small, light, sturdy and easy to use. There is the option of using an external antenna if located in poor signal area.




Power on the MiFi to full signal strength, 4G took less than a minute. The Initial connection achieved using the Wi-Fi code written under the back cover, this is seemly randomly placed but excellent having many Wi-Fi codes written on the outside, only to fade away after months in and out of a lap top case. This device can connect to 10 devices but tried on 4 devices. Remember if you connect 5 devices to the MiFi as with any connection you share the full 4G speed between the 5, this would mean if connected to a 10 Mb, each person would get 2Mb if all downloaded together. This is great for office meetings allowing internet for those involved or connecting all the family.
The battery is 3000mAh battery giving good battery life with the option to remove if required. The Maximum speed is rated by the MiFi is LTE: 150 Mbit/s down, 50Mbit/s up. Don’t expect to get anywhere close to this on a UK network until the networks catch up to the technology of the router.




Those of a technical nature can access the Quick setup of the MiFi via the default ip address
The Data usage is displayed on the front display, which is a great feature especially if the data package cap is low. You have the Option to set up your data plan via the Quick setup via the network login to allow easy viewing of data usage throughout the month. Most of the cellular networks do not have unlimited data on most of the packages. Huawei have put in a note to advise “The Volume statistics provided here are approximate. For accurate statistics and details of charges refer to your bills.”. Also within the Quick setup, there is other menu option e.g., Port forwarding., Modify Password / restore defaults Check what devices are connected, Current WLAN user:
There is also a menu key on the side to access some functions.





Do you need a MiFi?
The global trend continues to increase as more smartphone users stream video and music over a mobile data tariff. mobile data usage reports that the average smartphone user spends more minutes per day browsing the internet from their mobile than making a phone call and texting combined! Customer use on average of 1.1 GB data per month combine this with Laptop / tablet use for business or pleasure especially as many homes now no longer requiring the need for a fixed line. This MiFi acts as mobile Wi-Fi hotspot whether for business or pleasure.

What about the Brand?
Huawei a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company that have been around since 1987 so they have the experience.

We would like to thank Cellhire for sending this to us for testing,  Cellhire does provides 24/7 support:

That’s is for the Huawei E5577 MiFi!

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