Argos does a Microsoft and drops the Lumia 650 to €119.. #Microsoft #Lumia650

Last week Microsoft dropped the Lumia 650 to €119 Sim – Free and previously the 650 was selling at €179.99 just now the device has dropped to the same price as the Irish Microsoft store and again sim free and this could be a better option for some as you can walk into a store and pick one up there and then rather than wait for it to be shipped from the UK… We could probably take this as a permanent price cut but looking at their 950/950 XL prices they need to come down quite a shade in comparison to whats on offer, The 650 from Argos is of course sim free and again the same applies,pick and choose your network and no lengthy contracts.




Also keep in mind the Lumia 640 has been reduced by Microsoft which was once available here at Argos but seems to have been removed  some time now…




See ARGOS for more details on the Microsoft Lumia 650

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