Wireless chargers have always been a somehow of luxury when it comes to day-to-day use as most of smartphones users tend to use the fast charging capabilities of the inbox cables.

Added the fact wireless wasn’t as fast before and depending of where you live you could get one or another standart. Today LG’s Innotek (responsible for LG’s components in general) officialy unveiled a wireless pad capable of three times the power and multi-standard compatible.

Quick Wireless Charging Pad


The pad is capable of 15 W (the standard quick charger is capable of just 5W) and LG claims 50% of battery in only 30 min.

“Embedded sensor” will control the charging process and will turn off the pad once your divice has reach certain level of if detects any “overheating“.

It sounds as a bad joke, but loking at latest events this will become a main issue to manufactures from now on, having this “future-proof” gadget can come in handy.

The Quick Charging Pad will be sold in North America, Europe, and Australia before October’s end, but still there’s no news about price tag.

But now tell us, What are you thoughts on this? Do you think adding more power and spped to wireless chargets will make them more appealing to costumers? Sound off below or join us over twitter