GameDay Studios Ltd will officially launch its Daily Fantasy Sports white label network platform in Europe on September 10th, with their first white label partner, Manager Duel.

GameDay Studios is an Irish company formed two years ago by entrepreneur s Gavin Dunne and Emanuel Petroulakis with the idea to take on the European Fantasy Sports market in a way that can consolidate Daily Fantasy Sports onto one platform across Europe, and allow users from different brands in different countries to play against each other on the same network. In a similar way to the Tribeca poker network over a decade ago, Dunne believe s this network is a way that allows companies to reduce their marketing expenses, risk exposure, and greatly increase liquidity in their DFS space.


GameDay is white label network platform for daily fantasy sports. We provide the complete game across Web and iOS and Android (although android dont allow betting games in their stores yet). We have a complete backend facility that allows partners to do their customer service, marketing, bonus setup, tournament creation and data analytics.

Manager Duel is a brand owned by our first white label partner – Uptown Inc. from Denmark. They will market this brand across Scandinavia in each local market in its local language eg.



Over the last couple of years European operators have launched their B2C model s, and realised that it s too expensive to go direct to the market in this industry only recently, despite the mistakes of Draft Kings and Fan Duel being there for everyone to see. Now they are turning into B2B models, but without a network style platform they simply cannot make this attractive enough to large industry players because their individual marketing spend and potential liquidity is not high enough. GameDay is changing all of that and now brings to the market a business model that is much more attractive to existing players in the gambling industry, whereby they will have access to an exponentially bigger user bases across continents says Dunne, CEO of GameDay.



Not only are GameDay providing this network platform but there are some other key reasons they believe their DFS offering has the potential for far greater acceptance and uptake from the general public. A much simpler scoring system allows the average sportsfan without extensive knowledge on player histories and statistics, not only to pick a team easily, but also have as much chance as any other user to win the tournament. According to Dunne Since the inception of DFS, companies have had these complex scoring systems for their games where users need to have really high knowledge of the game and historical stats to be in with a chance of winning. This has led to a tiny percentage of entrants winning the majority of the tournaments. While US sportsfans are much more enthusiastic about statistics, Europeans are not so much, and by the existing operators having these complex scoring systems, it has alienated potential users from playing the games, and so operators cannot get to the mass market. With GameDay everybody with even a small knowledge of football has a chance of winning, as they have to predict players which will actually play well and score goals and get assists, as opposed to using statistical models to see which player takes all the free kicks and makes the most tackles .



GameDay has partnered with Uptdown Inc. in Denmark, a specialist in customer acquisition for the gambling and other industries to launch their first white label brand Manager Duel across Scandianavia. Uptown have agreed to provide a minimum of 3000 paying customers per month to launch the GameDay network platform. Company Leader Tim Mollegaard is known for his huge success across Scandinavia in generating traffic for a variety of partners in the gambling industry, and Dunne believe s this partnership will be an outstanding basis for further development. Tim is the best in the industry at what he does, and given the Scandinavian market is also the richest potential DFS market in the world, I m very confident GameDay will bring this industry to the next level in Europe

GameDay is regulated by the Maltese Gaming Authority, takes all football Data from OPTA and provides merchant services through Paymenter and Wirecard Bank AG.

We are the only company in the market doing this, so it is a big change to the DFS landscape.

The idea for the network platform came from a company called Tribeca who successfully make a similar network for poker   As you can see a deal was made on that company for $75,000,000 ten years ago.

GameDay has self funded for two years up to this point with an extremely lean operation and low burn rate compared to other DFS companies.  Despite this we have produced a more functional and complex software, visually superior and eminently more playable for the masses then whats been rushed to the market so far in Europe.

Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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