If something is recognized by everyone its Sony’s TVs quality, with some of the most vibrant and beautiful displays we’ve seen is not to be surprised that they’re among the first to make 4K HDR TVs widely available.

This week they introduced the new  Bravia Z Line with anything you could ask for.


Apart of being one of the few to offer 4K HDR, Sony has also going with AndroidTV.


Lately OLED displays have become more and more popular, but Sony has always go with LCD panels on their TVs, and this time they are using a technology called Backlight Master Drive, which basically activates different screen areas in order to get more contrast, colour accuracy and deeper blacks.

All these tech is powered by the newly announced X1 4K Extreme processor, which promises to make all that and even reduce noise when the TV is on.

The smart part of it, powered by Android TV will have a Sony interface on top.

There will be three models:

The 65-inch XBR65Z9D

The 75-inch XBR75Z9D

And 100-inch XBR100Z9D.


The prices go from $6,999 for the base model or $9,999 for the 75″ one.

The 100″ model price or availability is still unknown.