Starting today you can update the Verizon Lumia Icon to W10. #Lumia #Windows10

After a long wait, the Lumia Icon which is the U.S Verizon exclusive version of the Lumia 930 will be finally updated to Windows 10 Mobile.


The Icon was launched on February 20, 2014 as a shrink exclusive version of the Lumia 1520, starting today, more o less 29 months (depending on when you got it) the phone will feel like new again thanks to the update.

Windows 10 Mobile is part of the “Universal Ecosystem” Microsoft is trying to create, with it, you seamlessly sync all your work and documents between devices.

The best part, is the cat that those app that have been forgotten on W8.1 will be finally update to their “Universal Version” on W10 (Twitter looking at you)

The Update will be sent via OTA so you will need a WIFI conection or a strong celular signal, but I highly recommend you to be on WIFI if you want to have some data on your plan.

You can also use the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app, which is free and avaiable to download on the store, The app will help you to free up space on your device (much needed as the Icon doesn’t have SD expansion).

Make sure your phone is charge at 100% before starting the update, as it will take several hours to do.

Have you revceived the update already? Tell us your experience be leaving a comment down below or join the twitter conversation.




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