The iCandy 3D Virtual Reality Goggles Plus unboxing and review. #iCandy #VR

Last year we tried out the first instalment of the iCandy VR Goggles which gave people a chance to test out VR in a cost effective manner and today we bring you the next instalment which is a big improvement and quite a clever implementation on how the device is stored which made me even feel more secure using them you will see what I mean as we go on.. Also worth noting is it’s size it’s not huge and falls in line with most decent one’s out there and doesn’t look like an huge contraption strapped to your head like some do.

The packaging remains the same as before only this time bigger with an outer sleeve to protect the packaging.the box itself will contain the headset, some instructions,a wipe,cloth and some cushions for you device whilst mounted inside the sleeve which adds great stability and feels very secure..The headset comes already assembled with the head strap which is quite comfortable and elasticated with adjustment points on all three straps so much of the work is done more or less to enable you to get to work almost immediately,also on the head strap is a backplate if you will which rests on the back of your head which is very comfortable indeed..

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There is easy to use toggles too which enables multiple users to use the device at one time,say for example you are passing it around to show people what happens in the VR world,the toggles are easy to use and manoeuvre and enables a quick set up for adjustment and focus. After that all you need is your mobile phone head to the play store or iTunes get downloading some compatible apps(There is lots to pick from now compared to last year) and away you go.One thing to note is keep any security locks off as time-outs can interrupt depending on your personal settings and you would therefore have to remove the device to restart. Slide the phone in the clever slider at the front and away you go… This is quite a nice headset for the price you are expected to pay which is around €30 and good value also its not heavy which some headsets can feel.comfort is another thing here and there is no shortage of that either. You can pick them up on Amazon right now. 


  • Watch 3D movies and play games on your smartphone
  • Light weight with adjustable elastic comfort band
  • Foam padding around eyepiece for comfort
  • Experience computer-simulated environments
  • Compatible with multiple devices with screen sizes 6.0 inches
  • Compatible with devices up to 83mm wide and 163mm high
  • Designed so heat can escape to prevent phone overheating
  • Works with most iPhones and Smartphones

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