Have you ever looked out the window and said “it’s not going to rain” just to take a bath on the street because it actually rains?

Or have you take your umbrella out just in case, and as there’s no rain you ended up forgetting the thing God knows where?

That’s about to change, this smart umbrella will let you know ahead if it going to rain or if you forgot it.

Meet, Oombrella


This umbrella is your very own weather reporter, it’ll tells you via your phone the forecast for that day.

How it works?

The whole mechanism behind the system is located at the end of the handle. You’ll find a Capsule which is responsible for gathering all the date from various sensors like temperature, humidity and pressure.

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It even has a led light to show you notifications when is raining and you have your phone in your pocket.

It works in conjunction with your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 and the weather app Wezzoo which is a global community that will improve your knowledge about the forecast giving you local updates in real-time.

The digital components of the umbrella have injected plastic to ensure is totally waterproof to deliver perfect accommodation to the buzzer and the light.


With the app you’ll get two notifications, one for the weather and another for the one feature we always wanted, “forget me not” which will tell if your leaving your umbrella behind.

The thing itself seems to be very well-built as the ribs are made of Kevlar and the canopy is UV resistant and windproof.


As an extra, at the top you’ll find a screw that let’s you put tons of things in it, like a GoPro to film the rain from a different perspective.

There are three color options to choose from, Shiny (rainbow), white and black, and all three comes in two sizes, classic which is 3.1 mts with a curve handle and the “fit-in-my-bag” that is 25 cm long with a flat handle.

And if for any chance you happen to have an umbrella that you haven’t lost and really like you can buy just the capsule to use it with it, just install the app and you’re ready to go.


The Oombrella team has just finished a successful Kickstarter campaign this last month.

And shipping should start later this October, after that, the product will be available for everyone to purchase.

To know more about the team you can go HERE

But now let us know, would you get one if you have the chance? What are your thoughts about this trend to turn everything into “smart” things? Leave your comments below.