In a world that is rapidly evolving, making everything more portable and compact, where computers have been shrunken to a pocket size.

3D printing is still something we can only find in industrial size or in the best scenario, a home size.

Well, that’s about to change forever thanks to OLO the incredible 3D printer that just need your smartphone to operate.

OLO is a tiny little box that you carry around and use it to print 3D objects directly from your phone. Starting out as a Kickstarter campaign the team behind the idea probably never imagined the success they could have.

This is a unique and powerful device, is made of 7 plastic parts, one chip and one Z-axis motor, the printer is really lightweight in order to allow you, to carry it around just with the need of a couple of triple A batteries to power up.

With dimensions like: 172 x 115 x 148 mm and a weight of 780 gr there’s nothing as portable as this.

The box will fit almost any smartphone up to 5.8 inches BUT only FLAT screens will work (which EDGE and PRIV users out of the party)


The trick here is made by the materials the company chose to make the printing. A special resin they called DAYLIGHT RESIN, that can be hardened with simple white light from your phone instead of expensive UV laser projectors.

Using this material and the OLO app on your smartphone all your wild projects can become true during night-time.


There are 4 different resins in 5 colors to use with different properties depending on what you want.


All materials can be rinsed under water to remove the leftovers.

But as it wasn’t enough, OLO is also Social, within the app you can share and even sell your 3D designs!

You can even send a gift to you someone that will only reveals itself when printed.


The app is compatible with all three major platforms iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


And it will not only allow you to print from the app design, you can import your own from any other 3D software you may have.

The retail price this little friend is aiming is $99 (the early birds got it for $79) so you can have it all for less than a $100!

Take a look at the idea and how different it will be.

The company started the campaign with the humble goal of $80,000

Most of the pledge options have already been taken, but you can still find awesome deals for the price point.

If you want to check all the little details yourself and order one go HERE as the campaign will continue until April 20th

What do you think of this? Would you like to have your own portable 3D printer? Do you have any design that want the world to know? Leave your comments below and let us your opinion on this.