That’s the way you should start the week! This Monday was the Apple keynote and although we already knew pretty much everything, was great to see it live.

It also was really short,  but brought us two new toys to play with.

The iPhone SE and the new iPad Pro

In recent years, the smartphone market has been suffering from different changes, one of the most noticeable the screen.

While year after year the screens tents to increase the size to please a more demanding audience Apple decided to do different, going back to its roots we have a supercharger iPhone 5 with other ending, this is the iPhone SE (or Special Edition)

With a 4″ screen and the form factor of a 2013 phone, this new model is extremely pocketable  due today’s standard but will be extremely rare also read on such small screen now we’re used to a total different thing.

The new kid on the block is practically a shrink 6s without the 3D touch technology.

The chipset is a dual core A9, the impressive 12MP rear camera and overused front-facing with “screen flash“, a PowerVR GT7600 GPU, wildly LTE Bands support and obviously Apple Pay.

And believed or not, there are just TWO options for this lovely boy, a 64GB and a 16GB version, something really annoying and nonsense at this point (as offering a 4″ phone on 2016 wasn’t enough).

The phone is set to cost $399 for the 16GB model and $499 for the 64GB model unlock. (US) Irish pricing below..


The Preorders start on March 24th and release date will be March 31st.

Colors are the same as usual with the addition of the “new” Rose Gold variant

The new iPad Pro is practically the same history as the new iPhone, takes everything what makes the iPad Pro a beast and reduce the size the a 9.7″ screen.

There’s really not to much to discuss here due to be exactly the same but the screen.

The updated versión offers more portability and all the power of the bigger sibling, add Appel’s Pencil and Smart Keyboard support and its hell of a tablet to beat.

The redesign keyboard has all the great fell that you get to love on the larger predecessor, aside protecting your device.

Both the Pencil and KB are attach through magnets to the slate.

Unlike the SE, the new iPad comes with three configurations to choose in the memory department.

32GB, 128 and 256GB versions will be available.

This new slate also pack the new camera module for the iPhone 6s, so you’ll have a 12MP camera on the back, but please! Don’t be that guy.

The price is probably going decide whether or not you’re getting this, it will be $599 for the 32GB model, $749 for the 128GB and $899 for the 256GB respectively. Ireland listed below..
So there you have it, what do you think of the new announcements made by Apple? Are you going to get one of the new members? If so, which?
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