In a world where long lasting things are apparently dying, the watch market has been invaded by the new wave of Smartwatches.

If one’s going to take the crown of being the most used among all, that’s the Apple Watch, but Something we all know is the fact that battery in those so called “Smart” watches are really dumb. And there is where the new 3-in-1 Smatree SmaShell A100 enters the scene.



This is not just a pouch to throw your $300+ wearable, this Compact case made of PU leather offers great value for your money by giving you 3 appealing functions to play with.

First of all, the case is a 3000mAH power bank to bring your almost dead Apple Watch back to life.

A100 Apple Watch 1-900x900

Within the case you will find a plastic stand to place your watch that has three parts, by removing the one in the middle you can add the charging cable (which is not include) and then connected to the dock itself.

The front side is where you’ll find you power button and 4 LED lights to show you the battery percentage.

But like if guarding your device while it’s actually charging is not enough on the back side, apart of the Micro USB cable yo charge the thing, you’ll see a full USB port to charge your phone in the meantime.

Specifically designed for these devices, the case could fully charge the Apple Watch 38mm 6 times and the 42mm 5 times.

A100 Apple Watch 3-900x900

Out of the box you’ll get the Smatree, a Charging cable (without the wall plug) and a hinge to carry around with ease.

The people behind this case are so sure it would work perfectly that it has a 3 year warranty against malfunctions.

The case come in a £29.99 price tag which, if you ask me, it very well priced but the among of functionality.

If you are interested on getting one for yourself or as a gif to someone, you can grab your HERE

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