Perspecs is a news app that gives three sides to a story rather than one. #News #Apps

News aggregators are a plenty and all do the job they are intended to do which is pull in news from the web,these apps also let you customise what content you require either by website or topics chosen,One such app which I use is Flipboard which has been a favourite of mine since its launch..

This app is said to work different though as it offers 3 polarised versions of the story,this can be done separately with other apps but this has this under one roof and perhaps one would say it gives all opinions as opposed to been bias and when you land on a story you can swipe either left or right to get another version..

“Readers often stick to their regular sources of news therefore often only ever seeing one side of a story. Perspecs will give you the opportunity to see things from a different perspective and allow you to form your own informed opinion.”

Having using this app for a few days its been very smooth has a nice UI and works well given it is short on content right now this will change in the coming weeks..The app is on Android and iOS and available now.