So today it has emerged that a company has offered a case which in fact looks like a blinged up Mozo case for the Lumia 950 which is costing almost 2 grand in euros. Given that there is a limited amount of cases out there beside Mozo and the third party offerings that sport Microsoft branding who in their right mind would fork out such a ridiculous price for a case a phone that is not selling well alongside the 950 XL? We can get gold plating for this price which would look much better than adding some diamonds to the outer ring of the camera lens and a plate stating the number or the unit which in total 99 are made oh and lets not forget the leather backing.However it is nice to see something different but within a cost effective manner and more realistic that will attract a multitude of users.

The company states.

“We are so particularly proud to offer our customers a phone that has the ability to turn into a jewel for life as well a an after sales service dedicated to our partner for clients that buy the smartphone,” said Giorgio Damiani, vice president of the Damiani Group.



Given the Lumia 950 has had constant price cuts alone( except for Ireland which remains at €599) speaks volumes to its success and would probably be a better option than the 950 XL which we will give our thoughts on in the coming days,this price and product is a bit far fetched and I would be making an assumption here that few will actually purchase this unless you are a celebrity or super hardcore fan,just because it has some diamonds on it again limits it audience because what male would buy it,and how many female or female celebs do you know has a Lumia 950?


Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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