WE all have that one game in our phones that’s not the one with the greatest graphics or the latest innovations, but the one that keeps us entertained over those moments when we have just a few minutes.

Equalicius is that kind of game; from Game Troopers the developers behind titles like Tiny Troopers, fun and challenging activities are guaranteed.


This game is aimed to train your brain and get your math skills a blast, with tons of puzzles to solve and several levels to complete is the perfect “time waster”.

One of the best things about this game is that you can challenge your friends to see “who’s the boss” when it comes to math (please don’t count me in as I’m not really good at this hahaha)

Is definitely a game worth owning, completely FREE with some InApp purchases that are not really mandatory to get a good score.

And just in case you already own the game and already finished all levels, we have great news for you! Update!

This is probably what you’ve been expecting as is included in the title, but the wait is worth it, so what’s new?

Endless Mode: For those who love the “all you can play” type, this new feature will offer infinite playtime.

New Mechanics: There’s a new system to control interruptions while playing.

Xbox Live Achievements: with 8 new achievement For WP users, this is a pretty useful feature as increase their level among their friends, but they are not going to be easy.

As you can see, the game just got better, if you haven’t tried go ahead and grab it from the store! Available in all three major platforms there’s not excuse.

Take a look for yourself

For iOS go HERE

For Android go HERE

For Windows go HERE

Are you good in math? What’s your best score on the game? Let us know in the comment section below or tweet us your best score to challenge the audience.