At CES2016 Samsung let us know that their Samsung Pay services are going to expand to more countries outside Asia, like Australia, Brazil, Singapore Spain and UK.


Samsung Pay is the company offer in response to Apple pay and Google’s own Android pay.

The deal in the United Kingdom is being made through MasterCard as their platform allow user to activate not just credit cards but also debit and prepaid cards.

With more than 30 banks onboard this highly anticipated feature will have plenty options when it finally arrive by the end of the first quarter.

In Spain Samsung is testing the app through CaixaBank as they already have they own mobile payment app.

The method is really simple and secure enough as takes more than one step to actually approve the payment.

First you’ll have to download the digital credit or debit card from your bank to use it with the proper devices. Apart from this the user needs to have access to the fingerprint sensor to complete the action.

Also the service is pack with KNOX to ensure that any movement over 20 euros will require a PIN

What is worth mentioning is the fact that if you root your device for any reason the Samsung Pay feature will be disable as rooted devices are vulnerable and you’ll get a pop up widget saying like “Samsung Pay has been locked due to unauthorized modification.”

Due to the two step authentication this feature is only available to the latest flagships  but is said to come to non flagships too.

They have a proper ad which is really simple and have a subtle mention of another manufacturer, but take a look yourself to see if you can spot it


Will electronic payments become a norm this year? What are your thoughts on this matter? Will you use it if available with your bank?

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