For years pushing the stroller anywhere was the only way to made it through the day when you have a baby.

But what if I tell you that you can have a motorised stroller? One that not only move itself but also follows you whenever you go.

Meet Smartbe the intelligent Stroller


This is the stroller you’ve been waiting for (as one of the many out there who had to carry one anywhere, I feel you) but if you want one you might have to trust on this new Indiegogo campaign.

With built-in engines, it propels forward or backward without the need for physical contact using motion-tracking sensors to follow you around.

The device itself seems well built and has lots of features to help you and make your daily activities easier, just take a look at this list:


As you can see it does practically anything you need, with the added functionality of having the control in the palm of your hand in the form of an Android and iOS apps.

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The devices has three different modes that activates automatically when needed:

  • The Self-Propelled Mode: An electric engine will push the stroller, even uphill or while you’re shopping or running.
  • The Assist Propelled Mode: Sensors always keep the stroller within safe reach of parents even when they are distracted, and allow for gentle turns around obstacles.
  • The Manual Mode: Self-explanatory but in this mode you can use you stroller as any classic from your childhood

Just in case you were wondering yes, this would be another thing to plug in at nights as the battery is said to last 5 hrs to 6 hrs

Something that has to be seen with all those “gimmicks” like the bottle warmer of canopies central heating.

The device also pack a couple of cameras,  one inside to look at your baby and another outside to see the all around the stroller.


The Smartbe also has a Anti-Thief system, with a laze that would stop the engine as soon is disconnected, sending you a message to your phone to let you know that it has been move without authorization.

As you may expect this dream stroller is not going to be cheap, as the base model cost around $3,100

The campaign has already reach more than 15% of their goal with other 20 days to go.

The promotional video is kind of weird as in some shots the stroll seems to be rendered but you be the judge:

If you want to know more or are thinking of getting one you can go HERE

The device is expected to be shipped by early next year.

But what do you think? Is this something that we really need? Let us know your thoughts on the comment section or twitter.