Surprises are unstoppable this week at CES and Android Wear is receiving more love from Well known Watch manufacturers, we’d have seen new SW from Fossil and TAG Heuer but this time has been Casio who join the party with they newly announced Smart Outdoor Watch


The WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch is the latest addition to the Android Wear spectrum offering and a really attractive design.

Packing everything you could ask for, this rugged but beautiful SW is aim for the outdoor adventurer with a battery that can please even the most demanding person. So if you love going trekking or mountain cycling this is the watch for you.

And even if what you want is a quiet time fishing this offer also applies to you.

The devices comes with a 1.3″ inch circular dual layer display and a bunch of sensors for:

  • Direction measurement
  • Altitude measurement
  • Atmospheric pressure measurement
  • Sunrise / Sunset times
  • Tide graph
  • Activity graph

All of which can be activated with the press of the “TOOL” button in the perfect natural way we used to activate options on the G-Shock models

The device has three main activity modes:

Current time / Elapsed time / Traveling speed / Altitude remaining to goal

Current time / Elapsed time / Traveling speed / Distance traveled

Current time / Elapsed time / Atmospheric pressure change / Current atmospheric pressure

All os these notifications come in real time for you to have in mind while doing any.

Also have a could feature called MOMENT SETTER


Which is an automatic notification based on present conditions and activity like time remain to sunset/sunrise or the best fishing hour, even when you should rehydrate yourself.

Everything controlled by Casio MOMENT SETTER+ app



You’ll also have to power to change how everything looks in the background of you watch face with tons of options to choose from, but take a look yourself

Great isn’t it?

But what’s even better is the battery life which is said to last “More than a day” in regular use with the Android Wear interface.

Although the Dual Layer Display is not just a fancy name, is an actual feature that allows the watch to change from that vivid colourful display to a monochromatic one to improve visibility but also to improve battery life.


This also happens when the watch is disconnected from the phone switching to Timepiece Mode, in which only the time is displayed and boost the battery to more than a MONTH without charge.

Is going to be available in a bunch of colours but personally the green one is my favourite


The devices are also waterproof up to 50 meters and has the MIL-STD-810G military standard what turns this little one in the toughest SW to date.

As for the price goes it could be any other way, according to Casio it’ll cost around $500 or £343.25 and at this point is just confirmed to US and Japan in the month of April.

But stay tuned for more info about this.

Let us know what you think of this new addition to the wearable ecosystem below or tweet us using #techbuzzireland




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