If there’s something that really bothers me is the tons of ads we tend to cross by when browsing or watching something on the web.

Although some of these ads are useful or the page used it for revenue in some cases is just too much, that’s why an add on like AdBlock is so welcome (heard some news about the Edge browser version to be around the corner).

A big hit in the news these days is the new alliance between ASUS and AdBlock Plus that’s going to be a reality as soon as early 2016


This is the first time we see a manufacturer doing something like this, but is a start and an statement of how costumers are getting tired of all those ads we are “forced” to see in many cases.

Apple did the same when they update to IOS9 when Apple allow the users to block apps in mobile Safari.

Probably the final idea is to create what can be call “acceptable Ads” which are the ones we put on the “white list” of AdBlock.

Quoting the Co-founder of AdBlock

We’re extremely happy to team up with Asus, the first major hardware manufacturer to integrate ad blocking into their mobile devices. This is another call for innovation in the ad industry—a call getting louder by the day.

But, what do you think? Do you believe this is a good idea for other manufacturer to follow?

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Source: Motherboard




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