Slowly but surely tech is making its way to all our stuff, from automatic home, smartwatches and now even our shoes!

Not so long ago we told you about Adidas preparing some 3D printed shoes and now there’s a new Indiegogo campaign to make a fully customizable sneaker that you can wear and differently every single day.

Meet ShiftWear


This crowdfunding idea, get to us from David Coelho; these are sneakers that let you display custom designs, right from your phone or tablet onto the sides with a E-paper display.

With this, you’ll be able to change how your shoes looks every day, with the use of a mobile app you can have almos anything imaginable to wear, from static images to animations.

There are several features that the team behind ShiftWear want to add and use, like a Flexible Display, Flexible Electronics, Kevlar Fiber Soles, WaterProof Protection and even a “Walk-n-Charge” technology.

The campaign is still on early stages but you don’t need too much to contribute,  the minimum donation is $1 and you can go all the way too $5000 which grant you a full paid trip to the Launch Event (in case of happening)

The app itself will serve as a Social Network; within the app you’ll be able to design, upload, share and even sell your work to others!


Although the campaign  has a $25,000 baseline goal, it will take more than a million to get everything in place as you can see here


There are three styles to choose from: Low, Medium or High

The App will be compatible with  iOS, Android and Windows devices, which means you can use it no matter what phone you have.

The shipment is expected to Fall 2016, but in the meantime take a look at the impressive promo:

If you want more info or want to Pre-order your own you can go HERE

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Source: Indigogo