Each day more and more companies are adapting themselves to this new trend of wearables devices, Like TAG Heuer did recently but even then, is not the same as a having a full analog watch that can be inherited.

Or can take the place of a full luxury watch in a cocktail meeting.

Thinking of that the people of Chronos Wearables develop a way to have the best of both worlds, meet the Chronos Disc.

The Disc is 3mm thin and 33mm in diameter, practically the size of a coin, which means it would fit in almost any watch you could have.

How does it works?

It sticks to the bottom of your watch, letting you know about any notification on your phone through a subtle vibration and lights that can be turned off if you want to.


The main objective is to give you notification but it also does fitness tracking and allows you to interact with your phone in a really basic but useful way.

The Chronos has a Stainless steel casing and is Water-resistant, plus Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy integration, 36 hour battery life, Wireless charging and Accelerometer.

chronos-wearable-tech-appThe Disc has three main features:

  • Smart Notifications: Which allows you to Filter down notifications via unique vibrations and optional light patterns for select contacts, phone calls, calendar invites and more.
  • Integrated Fitness Tracking: Track your steps and activity throughout the day. Access data via Chronos app or sync with your favorite fitness platforms.
  • Gesture Control: Control your phone’s volume, music, and camera through personalized taps and gestures.

The device works with iOS and Android with a proper App and can be Pre-order today from they own page and they shipping will start in early 2016

There are still some early birds offers giving you access to the device for just $89 but apart from this you’ll find more options and offers available.

If you want to order yours go HERE.