First Microsoft Lumia 950 pre-pay price revealed in Ireland,Its good.#Lumia950

We all know by now that the Microsoft Lumia 950 is due to hit Ireland soon and the sim free prices have been revealed,but as for pre-pay well its good news according to this months magazines..

For the Lumia 950 its good news and great news for those awaiting the Flagship,first prices indicate that it will cost just €469.99 on pre-pay which is quite good,being subsidised it will mean the device is locked but even still its a very competitive price compared to sim free variants which can be pre-ordered now from  several online sellers including the Microsoft store…


Meteor Mobile are offering the 950 for €469.99 and they are also going to be stocking the Lumia 550 which is due to launch next month in Ireland,stay tuned for more updates as we get them in..

UPDATE – We have learned that the Lumia 950 will cost €579 on Three on Pre-Pay…

Will you be picking the 950 up? Let us know in the comments..


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