Each day more and more well known brands are entering the tech hype, Tissot starting not so long ago with their touch line of watches and now there’s a new member on the smartwatch family.

Meet the new line of wearables from Fossil, the Q Line

Fossil_Q_1This device is possible thanks to a collaboration with Intel® Innovation that started last year and today revels its destiny.

The Q Line is integrated by four devices:

The Fossil Q Founder: which features a Metal body and a big Circular display this little big guy will be available for Xmas time! at a price tag of $275.

The Fossil Q Grant: The Grant looks like an ordinary watch,  but you can customize your contacts with their own color, color appear on right, left, or both LED indicators located on either side of the watch and when they contact you you’ll feel a vibration and see that. This one will be available on October 25th between $175-$195.

The Fossil Q Reveler: This is more a fitness tracker for man than a watch, with all the style you’d expect from Fossil. Will be available on October 25th at $125.

and the Fossil Q Dreamer: Another fitness tracker but for the ladies, with interchangeable bands to fit all your wardrobe needs. Will be available on October 25th and cost $125.

All these devices will be compatible with Android Wear and IOS!

Of course minimum OS version are Android™ 4.3 and higher and iOS 8.2 and higher.

All the functions are controlled by Fossil’s proprietary app which has three main features:

Q Activity: This built-in fitness tracker lets you know how many calories you burned; this tracker can connect seamlessly to Google Fit™, Health, UP by Jawbone® and UA Record™ by Under Armour.

Q Notifications: These notifications are a social media update, an important call or meeting. Filter by contacts or apps.

Q Curiosity: These notifications alert you that it’s time to break free from routine, look from a different angle or try something new in your community.

This new trend from well known manufacturers (not phones makers) of creating wearables for us is kinda nice, or what do you think?

Source: Press Release,Fossil


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