A smart highchair has just launched on Kickstarter so if you have a baby or one on the way you might want to check this out,this also grows as your child grows so there is some longevity in it as we al know kids grow out of things rather quickly and also this could be passed on later on in life.Also there wil be an app to come soon which will be on Android and iOS.


Maruša Gruden Košir  tells us they designed it with weight sensors under the seat to be monitored with a smartphone app. This way you can stay abreast of your child’s weight simply by checking the app on your smartphone. Keeping track of weight continually and establishing a growth chart helps you assess your baby’s health and growth progress, helping you determine if your baby is consuming the right amount of food. The Smart Froc is also the most adjustable wooden highchair –  a very practical, high quality and attractive design well-suited to the modern lifestyle.

Smart Froc enables you to track your child’s weight effortlessly and continually, every time your son or daughter sits on the highchair. Everything you need to do is check the weight on your smartphone app! Piece of cake, right?

As you know, establishing a growth chart is the basic tool to determine your baby’s health, and with Smart Froc this is as simple as checking your email!

Smart Froc works with the Smart Froc app, that will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.The Smart Froc app features an algorithm for normal weight/age trends; if the weight data is below or above the average, the app will alert you with a notification, that you can share with your baby’s paediatrician.


Smart Froc say they are sure your kid will love Smart Froc, so we made sure it can be used by kids from 6 months to 10 years of age.Smart Froc features a special Baby Set, designed to keep children up to 3 years old completely safe. The Froc Baby Set includes a restrainer and a safety belt. Smart Froc grows with your child.

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Smart Froc is compact and small, so it fits in every home, even in studio apartments. With a selection of five different colours, this award-winning design will be a centrepiece of your dinner table.Also it comes in three options and there is a range of five colours to pick from too.

Of course Smart Froc features a special Baby Set, designed to keep children up to 3 years old completely safe. The Froc Baby Set includes a restrainer and a safety belt.

The chair is of course certified for safety and stability with the European EN-14988-1 and EN-14988-2 safety standard approval process (which we did and passed). But it’s an entirely different thing to use it at home with your own children (which we are, daily). It’s virtualy impossible to tip it over, as can happen with some highchairs on the market.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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