Wearbles and Smartwatch are hitting the market in abundance and all the major players are contributing to this. Its time for Sony now. Sony has announced the launch of the Sony Wena (Wear Electronics Naturally) Wrist smartwatch. The watch looks like a traditional watch with round dial, analog hands and a silver or black metallic finish which offers modern features embedded in a classic design.


Wena Wrist offers three main features, namely NFC Wallet compatibility, activity tracking, and LED notifications.The watch also offers notifications with vibration and a customizable LED light on the band. It also flaunts a NFC wallet compatible with Felica standards in Japan.


The smartwatch comes in two models that are 42mm in case size: the Chronograph model , which comes with three separate hands and dials for hours, minutes, and seconds, and the Three Hands model that has a regular watch face. Available in silver and black with a choice of two watch-face styles – ‘Three Hands’ and ‘Chronograph’. The company claims that the main chronograph is said to work for 5 years, while the main three hands for telling time will work for three years, though the strap needs to be charged weekly. The watch can also track activity via an app only for iOS devices.


The watch is currently up for crowdfunding at Sony’s own First Flight platform in Japan and is expected to ship in March-April 2016. The Sony Wena Wrist would sell for ¥34,800 ($287) for a silver edition while the Three Hnds model will be available for up to ¥69,800 ($576) for the Chronograph in black.

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