Less is a unique board game that offers more than 100 000 formations while simple rules make the game even more complex and brain challenging. Throughout the thoughtful process of finding a unique aesthetic for an elegantly simple game, the creator’s of Less have designed a product for game enthusiasts with an eye for beautiful design.LESS can be played online and now its available in a board game..

The board is set up randomly at the beginning of every game and there are over 100,000 combinations to try out. Less can also quickly be expanded into a four-player game by adding another set of tiles to the deck. This way you have to work together with your partner to bring both of your pieces to the other side before the other pair of players does the same.

We have had the chance to try this game out over the last while and from me never being a chess player picked it up quite quickly and its handy for passing time or playing with family and friends etc.. You can also play it online over on Facebook Its simple ,The goal is to move your four pieces to the opponents starting corner before they move into yours..


The rules are strikingly simple. Each player gets three moves per turn. Horizontal and vertical moves, as well as jumping over another piece count as a single move. Jumping over a wall counts as two and jumping over two adjacent walls counts as three.
LESS – A New and Unique Designer Game.Less is more than a game. Throughout the thoughtful process of finding a unique aesthetic for a beautifully simple game, the creator’s of LESS have created a product for game enthusiasts
with an eye for design.
The illustrations featured on the back of the playing board were made by one of the most successful and well-known Slovenian artists, Natan Esku. He is a multitalented craftsman with an interest in painting,design,illustration,sculpture and photography. Esku is always trying to work with environmentally friendly and recycled materials. The work chosen by Less features a wide range of creative designs with distinct details and colorful elements. The figures found within these designs tell their own unique story.
Aside from the basic design used for the original LESS board, you can choose between a variety of illustrations, which all carry a designer’s signature within the details. The materials used for the game pieces were carefully chosen. They’re made out of all natural walnut and beech wood and don’t contain any artificial parts. The
simple look and natural feel makes LESS a beautiful addition to any home..
Less was created by Aleksandr Starovojtov, a man who is a fan of board games and also fully aware of the importance of rest and relaxation. A few years ago, Aleksandr went on vacation with his family to the seaside, and unfortunately forgot all of their family games at home. Eager to find a solution, he grabbed some beer coasters from the local bar and created the very first version of Less. Aleksandr experimented with the coaster board and developed the rules as he went along. Upon arriving back home he started playing the game with his friends and got a wave of positive feedback. From there he developed the game and Less was born!

Head to their Kickstarter page here today if you want to support LESS….. We also have one of these games to give away very soon and will be a worldwide competition,stay tuned for more..

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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