Lately more and more companies are focusing on Music Streaming services (Apple music, Spotify, MixRadio, Etc)

That’s great if you think about it cause you dont need to update your phone music library that often, but in the other hand you don’t really choose the song to listen every single time.

For that matter let’s introduce Encore Music your new music player and music streaming app developed by people for the people.


When you’re using Streaming services like Spotify there’s a dark side that we usually tend to ignore, but its there.

1) It uses our Data Plan for the Streaming

2) We can’t play music from our own library

And its the same with almost any other Streaming app out there, thinking about it the guys of Fastboot Mobile joined forces with the XDA Developers team to bring Encore Music to the masses.

How it works?

What it does is brings all of your music, online and local, to one open-source app.

For Example you want Spotify on your app, just instal the plugin and you’re done.

The app has three major features:

Automix: This one allows us to create rapid mixes of our favorite music to start listen

Recognition: As the name suggest, this one acts like Shazam and let you discover the name and artist of a song that you listen anywhere

ChartLyrics integration: With this function we can go to this window and see the lyrics of the song we’re listen


The app is completely free and because of the open source you can develop and add your own plugin if you want.

For the DSP Sound Effects there’s an external plugin, which you’re going to find at the end of the page.

Also I’ll let you the Spotify Integration Package at the end (Without it it’ll just recognize your local media)

UjrJ7jQxLZFDrzOnNTK9f2JM2q6wPA-xn_fC7ZUd-RTHAeICtQV1oJptqOjb0Zd453Dn=h900Unfortunately not everything is perfect and there’s a catch on this part, you MUST have a Spotify Premium account in order to make use of this plugin.

This external packages are completely free as well and there’s no in-app publicity

Above all Encore music features another special addition called Drive Mode.

Activating this function you can listen your music while driving controlling the app with voice commands and gestures.

There’s also Chromecast and web cast support so can start a Karaoke night with your friends.

Let’s take a look at the app

As promised here you have all the links for the app:

Encore Music

DSP Suite for Encore Music

Encore Spotify Plugin

What do you think about this app? Are you going to give it a try?