Nokia Lumia 830 drops to €349 from Microsoft. #Lumia830 #Microsoft #Ireland

The Nokia Lumia 830 has been around quite a while now but sim free prices have not been tempting especially from the Irish Microsoft store which starting point was €409 sim free,since its release it has been dropped in price by retailers but again this is meaning its locked to whichever network its on,now we can buy it sim free direct from Microsoft for a decent price of €349 which includes free shipping and a choice of colours too…again something that lacked for consumers in retail.

Again this has been a silent discount and no promoting of the product,recently the 930 has been removed from the store and no explanation as to why but one could factor in several things here such as the price it commanded and its age and of course the Nokia Branding perhaps. However the Lumia 930 is also priced at €349.99 on Vodafone and it alongside the 830 is slowly vanishing from stores.



Head over HERE to check out the 830 which is one of my daily drivers still today….the 830 is available in Black,Green and White,sadly there is no Orange available as of now,which is a nice colour to have. In the store  there is also cases to pick from too should you like.



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