These days we’re sorrounded by tech, but somehow seems mostly related to men.

That’s why you’ve been seeing the #WomenInTech campain everywhere. To show how capable women are and that they also love technology.

Jewelbots in the wereable/toy designed for teens by teens.

jewelbots-pulsera-amistadIt’s becoming more and more natural for kids and teens grow up with access to tech that was almost a dream when we were younger, But eventhough they have that chance they rarely tend to study something “Tech Related”

And here’s when this new addition to the family takes place.

These are not the normal “friendship bracelets”. Let’s take a look:

This well-equiped bracelet is aimed to improved the interest of young girls on coding, using something they already are very familiar and expanding the thing as far as they can imagine.

14c95087cce2b625c4acdb3fa06de0a3_originalUsing the basic engineering logic (or simple following some instructions at first) and the Arduino IDE girls can put their bracelets to do whatever they want.

How does this work?

The Bracelets use BT to connect the device with the phone to do the coding (girls can also use the PC with a USB port), there’s and IOS and Android app on the way, within the app they can control different actions and reactions of the device It can blink when they get a “like” on IG, or light up to let them know when their dad is on his way to pick them up… They can even fly a drone!

And if the phone just run put of battery or is simply not near, they can  pair them when they are near another friend with a Jewelbot.

Is completely Open source so they can do almost anything they want.

df44dbb4f83c43f33e0a93438b7e3a98_originalWhere this idea came from? That’s really a good question, but I found the answer pretty simple yet effective.

SARA CHIPPS (Co-Founder and CEO) is a JavaScript developer.

BROOKE MORELAND (Co-Founder and COO) the mind behind Fashism an style-focused photo-sharing app.

And MARIA PAULA SABA (Co-Founder) is a designer currently a Post-Doc Fellow at NYU.

They have a dream in common, to get girls more interested in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.)

And they strongly believe that feeding that idea when they are between 9-14 will help developing more “Women in Tech”.

The girls at Jewelbots have already raised more than they initial idea on the Kickstarter campaign , but you can still have a bite of the cake before the oficial launch, go HERE to see which offer suits you best.

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