HTC One M9 gets the 24K Gold treatment – If you have 1.8K spare #HTC #Gold. #Goldgenie

Goldgenie  –  A company based in UK, is known for sprucing up devices and the likes with Gold coatings we have featured them here before and mainly celebs would be the type to opt in for such treatment to bling up their mobile phones but if you have a few quid to burn you can do it too.

They now have the HTC One M9 up for grabs already coated and shipped in a fancy box,but if you have your own HTC One M9 they will do it for you if you send them the device.You can also select from Platinum and Rose Gold too you like..

The HTC One (M9) phone is SIM free and factory unlocked to ALL networks – you can use this 24k Gold embellished HTC One (M9) on any network throughout the world.The thing is its price it aint cheap and requiring 50% downpayment..

Luxury Cherry Oak Finish Box
HTC ONE (M9) phone
Earphones with Remote and Mic
Charger plug + USB cable
Clear rubber case
Clear-Coat full body protection Installed by master craftsmen at Goldgenie