Nowadays almost everyone has a “Social Media Life” (I’ve even seen pets profiles) where people around the globe post status of their daily activities or just something “meaningless” and then they forgot about it, but what happens when someone start to dive on your profile and found those old post you’ve completely forgot?


Well, we had the chance to have a conversation with the team at Bivid, a different kind of Social Media

– What is Bivid?

“We wanted to create something unlike any other network. While other platforms you can view content from a day, week, month or even a year ago, Bivid is always time sensitive to 24 hours. Bivid is a location based social media app that focuses on everything in the moment. You either see it or it becomes irrelevant. Users can capture a picture or a 10 second video, draw on it, add text, and a filter and upload it to a feed which reaches all their followers and the local feed around them. Users can then engage on the uploads by commenting & liking them. We truly see this as the first app in a long time to make a splash in a global way. We want users to be able to see whats happening around the world but still keeping things interesting by making it all time specific.”

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– How did the idea come up?

“My partner and I met in college in New York City two years ago. We early on realized that neither of us wanted to work for anyone but ourselves. We always had similar ambitions and goals in life which led us to always bouncing hundreds of ideas of each other throughout our studies. As we tried many times to start new endeavors nothing truly resinated with us until Bivid. Six months ago we started to notice that location based social media was the thing of the future. After many all nighters and weeks of no sleep we came up with the full concept of Bivid. Then we did something that our parents always warned us not to do, which was drop out of college. We knew school wouldn’t be going anywhere but this opportunity would. We put whatever money we had at the time into creating designs and a prototype which ultimately led us to raising a seed round of funding to pursue our dream even further.”
– What are the capabilities of Bivid?

Bivid is an open platform that gives the users the power to share fresh everyday moments with their friends, family, and communities around them without worrying where the content is ending up because its destroyed after 24 hours.

Bivid is amazing because every type of person can use it in some way.
Store owners can share deals to the area that they are in to gain customers
Kids in school can find things that are happening around there campus that they might have not known otherwise.
Celebrities can interact and keep fans in the loop on what they are up to in their daily lives.”

User's Profile
User’s Profile

– Who is the team behind the app?

Dean Glas is Co-Founder & CEO
Mendy Raskin is Co-Founder & COO

Then we have our tech lead, Ben Chen, who manages our four developers and one designer.


 (Dean-right, Mendy-left)
(Dean-right, Mendy-left)

– When can we expect Bivid to be available?

“Bivid is starting Beta this week and will be available in the App store end of August (Back to school launch).

Bivid will be coming to Android a few months after launch.

We are very excited about our future updates to Bivid that will really revolutionize the way the world communicates and is seen.”

– How is this different from other Social Media Apps and what people are saying about it?

“While other social media apps are trying to curate their users content in long periods of time we focus more on the day to day experience. Each day is different and people can express themselves as such. While technically other platforms you can share everyday posts, with Bivid users have the freedom to express themselves better and quickly upload moments from their everyday adventures. Bivid enables users to be heard and seen by the world but at the same time protected because of the 24 hour deletion aspect.

People are very exciting to see whats behind the curtain at this point. We always get responses saying is it like Snapchat? is it like Yik Yak? is it like Instagram?..and the truth is, its all of the best social networks combined into one. We took everything people loved and left everything they didn’t from all the best platforms with a twist.”

With all that we’ve seen Bivid looks like a solid idea that worth the try.

It was great knowing about this project from the people who had involved themselves into it from the start, we wish Dean, Mendy and his team all the very best!

Thanks to Dean for his time and co-operation.

If you’re interested on become a Beta Tester you can enter your details HERE

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