Microsoft has constantly been improvising the design of devices since it overtook the devices division of Nokia. After the Comfort headphones Microsoft has got something for the active lifestyle, The Hoop by Coloud.


I managed to get myself a pair of Hoop to experience if it lives up to the expectations as a “headset for an active lifestyle”. Being a Nokia fanboy I’ve owned most of the Coloud products by Nokia so this one was an obvious choice.


Unboxing The Hoop

Anyone looking at the package cannot go wrong that it is a product from Coloud. The trademark triangular packaging is simple and neat. The package contents are limited to The Headphones and a spare earbud.


The design of Hoop is very impressive, it has a clip to keep the headphones intact. The earbud has a canal design for improved hearing experience. The earbud has a provision for looping around the ear so that the bud stays in place. The cable has a special coating which reflects when light falls on it.


I’m really impressed with the build quality of the Hoop, its light and vibrant. The 3.5mm jack is also the trademarked ” L” hook so that the cable can be coiled for hasel free use. The Hoop has mic with three buttons.

The Hoop are available in three colors Green, Orange and Black.

Check the small unboxing video and stay tuned for the review.


  • Audio
    Frequency response: 20 – 20 000 Hz
    Speaker impedance: 32 ohm
    Audio features: Stereo
  • Connectivity
    AV connectors: 3.5 mm stereo headset connector
  • Usage
    Earpiece type: Semi canal
    Operating temperature: -5 – +40 C
  • User Interface
    Operating keys: Answer/end key, Volume keys
  • Design
    Weight: 20.5 g
    Cable length: 120 cm
  • Design details: Dust protected, Reflective cable, Splash protected, Sweat protected
  • Environmental features
  • Materials: Free of PVC, Free of nickel on the product surface, Free of BFR
  • Packaging: Packaging is 100 % recyclable
  • User guide: One colour printing
  • Product recycling: 100% recoverable as materials and energy

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