Owning an expensive handset is quite common these days as more of us delve into the smartphone era and often the case some of us prefer to have that naked feel effect with their phone,as a rule of thumb i always advise purchasing a case of some sort for your phone as accidents happen and some may or may not have insurance,today we take a look at the Otterbox defender case for the HTC ONE M9

The Otterbox defender case comes in its well know packaging as seen above we all all custom to Otterbox packaging and its easy to spot in stores ..

Inside the packaging we get the following pieces of the case and it only take seconds to assemble if you are use to using Otterbox products..

There is several steps to putting on the case which is quite simple there is two outer shells and screen protection all just clip into place nicely and there is no play in the case when attached all clips together quite easily and you also get a belt holder in which you can attach the device to which does make it feel quite bulky when on but rest assured your device is in safe hands from any drops and you can feel the device there which is better than not being able to feel it..

Above is a before and after shot to give you an idea what the case looks like and how much it ads to size,to be fair its not really that much as cases can be big and cumbersome at times but this fits well and feels good and solid to hold.


On the front of the device we can still have full access to the boom speakers top and bottom with nothing obscured which is good,there is a big recess on the top so the whole screen is very safe even if faced down there is plenty of room even if there is some dirt or particles lying about so there is no fear of marking the device,there is a layer of plastic covering the whole screen with cut outs around the front facing camera and the speakers,again a good idea to avoid any blocking or losing functionality from the device.

The camera on the back is also well protected and kept away from any harm,as you can see there is also plenty of room as the flash and lens is well below the surface so the is maximum protection here to keep the essentials safe,also there is no obstruction of the camera and lens so all works fine.

On the bottom of the case we have clear access to the USB port and headphone socket and a small flap that opens and closes seamlessly so al is in order down here in this department,quick access and maximum protection.



The  right hand side gives us the keys and again these are well protected and quite tactile even with the case on,travel is also quite good and the keys are distinguishable ,perhaps more so with this case on than off i might add,as many folk complained about how the keys where place on this particular model.

The left hand side is completely enclosed and no access to your sim card or sd tray,not that you would be swapping them around much like an average user so this will not be a problem,its quite easy to remove the case anyhow which is good..There is also a space on the top of the case to leave free the infra red which is handy should you need it for anything,again the infra red or IR blaster as its called is well below surface and kept safe from harm.

The holder itself is quite big and does add some bulk to the overall package but it does slot quite well onto your jeans or wherever you may decide to place it,it does also give more protection on top of the case too,this would be especially beneficial for builders or site workers.


The case certainly does its job and will give optimum protection for your HTC One M9 so its worth the punt,again the belt option would be for those working in the construction industry so the consumer does not have to use it if they dont feel the need to,the case does not add much bulk to the phone compared to others and its a worthy investment in the long run,the whole set up feels solid and its comfortable and also gives some more grip in hand too which will prevent accidental drops.You can buy the Otterbox defender case for €49.99 which is a fair price to pay you can buy the case HERE .

Other options are also available as seen below or just head over to OTTERBOX.IE and take a look at what other cases are there for your device.





By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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