We knew it would happen, but not when; well, Last week AT&T officially announce the Galaxy S6 Active as a exclusive model. (Let’s hope for now)

galaxy-s6-active-2-800x534Samsung recieved a lot of compliments when they finally stoped the making of practically the same phone every year.

But at the same time recieved some critics because the lack of some of the features that have always made a Samsung phone, well… A Samsung phone.

With the new design Sammy made the phone more atractive, but eliminated a few things that are important to most of the public.

The interchangable battery, the microSD slot and the waterproofing.

Two of them can be manageables, but the lack of waterproof was a real blow, taking in consideration that, the S5 has it without compromises on design

And now for all those extreme sports lover and for those who just want to have a rugged phone, the S6 Active is available to take care of all your adventures.

The S6 Active is IP68 certified, this means it is protected against dust ingress and can be immerse in water at up to 1.5 meters for half an hour.

As you can see, the design has change a little bit in favor of the ruggedness, but the physical buttons in the front will make it easier manipulate it even when it’s wet.

asi-es-el-samsung-galaxy-s5-activeInternally speaking is practically the same phone as the normal S6, but in here we just have a version of 32gb of internal storage. So you’ll need to take care of your file managing closely.

In the other hand it have a wealthy 3500 mAh battery, more than enough to help you reach a day without worry.

You can see the complete list of specs HERE

But let’s take a closer look

The Samsung Galaxy S6 active is available since June 12 in three colors, Camo White, Camo Blue and Gray.

You can se the official Press Release HERE

Qualified customers can grab one for $0 down on AT&T Next 24 with 30 device payments of $23.17.

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