Reep Rewards offers cash back when you buy your favourite brands when you go grocery shopping. No more coupons get paid real cash money just for shopping every day. Unlock your cash back rebates anytime, anywhere, and then use them when you go shopping. You can use the Reep Rewards App at the store or wait until you get home? The cash back service is available 24 hours a day, every day.

Forget the trouble of coupons, or clipping and printing. Now you can use Reep Rewards to get cash back while you shop in-store or at home. Always check the app for exclusive cash back offers from your favourite brands and save money on all the latest special offers from grocery retail stores all over Ireland.


Reep users have earned more than €2,000,000 to date
· Was voted the 3rd best lifestyle app in Ireland this year
· Completely free to use

Description of how the service works

Earning Cash Back – Earn cash from your favourite brands
To earn rewards including cash, you simply take a photo of your shopping receipt using the Reep Rewards app. You are guaranteed to earn Reep cent straight away when you take a photo of your receipt from one of our qualifying stores and earn much more by choosing cash back on your offers. A full list of qualifying brands and stores can be seen on our app. The app is free to download.


Paul Guys explains  “Cashback+ is a really exciting feature that enables brands to motivate shoppers to buy or try their products. They do this by offering coupon style cash payments to eager shoppers. Rather than having clients clip coupons however we ask them to purchase the products and claim the cash rebate from the brands afterwards by taking a picture of their shopping receipts. We arrange the offers and we collect your cash from the brands and give it back to you. For example, an ice-cream brand may decide to offer €1.00 off its product to help drive sales over a 2 week period. Thousands of Reep Rewards users will see this offer within the Cashback+ section of the Reep app, make the purchase and then use Reep to claim their cash back”. 



Special Offers – All your weekly specials in store
The app also provides you with a list of the ‘special offers’ on all your weekly shopping items, from Coca Cola to Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, from Heinz Beans to Brennan’s Bread. If you add items to your Favourites, then every time you open the app, it will automatically provide you with the special offers on your chosen items. It will even tell you the closest place to buy them at those ‘special offer’ prices! All you have to do is tap the ‘heart’ on your offers.


Reep Rewards is a fast-growing Dublin-based mobile tech start-up that has grown from 0 to over 80,000 users since launching in Q4 2013. Reep Rewards helps its member to find special offers, discover new products and earn cash based on their loyalty to certain brands. We help our clients to boost product sales and garner unique insights using a range of mobile led, real time solutions.

With tens of thousands of shoppers using the Reep app each week, Reep is changing the way Irish consumers shop. With recent changes to shopping habits, consumers now need real time information on offers and access to exclusive deals via their mobile. Reep is tapping this rich vein by offering a service that disintermediates the market place by connecting brands directly with their customers.


The REEP Rewards cashback+ technology reads receipts that are submitted by users and allocates a cash reward to the consumers’ account based on the products they have purchased. Reep Rewards is bringing together leading Irish and international brands into one reward programme – early adopters include Kellogg’s, Brennan’s and Heinz. The app allows consumers and client companies to interact in a convenient, cost efficient and seamless way. Reep Insights allows brands to ask questions of shoppers immediately post purchase and review grocery data across multiple retailers to understand trends and discover new opportunities.

For more see  and download the app below on Android and iOS




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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