Today LG has officially unveiled the G4, a considerable upgrade to the current G3 flagship.


We have seen lots of “Leaks” this week about the new phone, and all of them seems to be truth, because one of the main attractions of the new G4 is the leather back plate.

This new Flagship is all about three major things, The leather back, the camera and the new QHD display.

Let’s take a looks at the specs:

A 5.5-inch display of QHD resolution (LG claims the new display is an incremental upgrade over the screen on the G3)
An hexa-core processor (a dual-core Cortex-A57 and quad-core Cortex-A53) with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808
3GB of RAM
32GB (SD card available)
Android Lollipop with the company’s latest 4.0 UX
3,000mAh battery (wireless capable with extra backplate)

LG-G4-Leaked-Camera-Image (1)

The camera department has been increased to a 16MP sensor with a 1/2.6” diagonal, with a OIS which works over three axes, with high ISO settings, manual shutter speed, live histogram, RAW capabilities and many more new features. A 8MP front camera capable of 2160p video

The leather back is not for everyone though, and a removable plastic cover will come with most of the “normal” units on a hammered pattern, in either metallic gray or ceramic white.

The G4 will be available tomorrow in Korea, but the rest of the world will have to wait, price is yet to be decided.

Stay tuned for more Buzz.


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