#Microsoft #Lumia640XL Dual SIM unboxing by @Tiwaash

At Mobile World Congress 2015 Microsoft showed us a couple of mid range devices succeeding the Lumia 6xx series. We had covered the Microsoft Lumia 640 here. Today we bring to you the bigger of the two devices, the Microsoft Lumia 640XL. I purchased it here in India after a couple of failed orders, glad that I’ve it in my hand.

Unboxing Microsoft Lumia 640XL:

The Lumia 640XL has the standard package as other Lumia devices which we see recently with the square box packaging. The package is simple containing Lumia640XL, 3000mAh battery, standard headphones and a standard charger. I’m surprised that the package misses out a USB data cable and a travel charger, which could’ve been done away with by replacing the standard charger with a travel charger.

Enjoy some photos of Lumia640XL.

Stay tuned for the first impressions and review of this huge mid range device, till then enjoy this unboxing video.

Stay tuned for more tech buzz.

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