So its day one over here in Malta at the Intercontinental Hotel and its been great,the locations is excellent the staff are great and the team who organised the event are brilliant,we would like to say thanks to all before we have a look and the goods. First of all there was lots of new people here to the event and it was also our first time here and its been great to meet so many new face in the tech industry and alo meet some other bloggers from around the world its been a fantastic time so far and there is more to come..

First on stage was the one and only Dave Graveline who gave us all a laugh and he is a very nice guy,perfect for the job at hand. As you can see the event was packed with journalists from all over the world.




First to the stage then was Philips. Building the future in HealthTech 

Bernd Laudahn,Managing Director Philips GmbH Market D/A/CH.



Philips is the worlds leading provider in healthcare equipment and they believe in Value and Innovation for its consumers,Philips is also the worlds leading company in lighting.Now philips is set to introduce more products to the market including one for back pain which will work via an app and they will also work alongside Allianz.Philips also will be dividing is company into to new divisions,Royal Philips and Philips lighting.

Sonicare Ultra  – Removes plaque biofilm in interdental spaces as effectively as dental floss, Gingival inflammation is effectively prevented in long-term testing, From patients` point of view: effective and comfortable, Ideal for everyone who could not clean interdental areas adequately up to now.



Next up its Haier,The worlds number 1 Major Appliances brand for six years in a row,Haier have some really unique products here today and here is what we seen first hand..Did you know we use approx 220 wash cycles in a year ?


Innovation is at the heart of Haier’s strategy. By placing the customer at the core of its innovation process Haier ensures that the products it designs respond perfectly to the needs and expectations of its customers. Customer involvement is sought at every stage of the process, from the initial development stage, through to the design of the product.
Haier’s respect for the environment is evidenced in its innovative and energy efficient products. While, Haier’s commitment to continual development sees the company invest heavily in R&D to support its ongoing innovation.



About Haier

For the sixth year running, Haier has been ranked the number one brand for Major Appliances in the world with a 10.2% retail volume share in 2014 (Source : Euromonitor International Ltd),Worldwide turnover reached US$32.6 Billion in 2014,The group has equally been ranked the number one brand for refrigeration and home laundry appliances, freezers, as well as electrical wine coolers/chillers.  White and Brown goods specialist  5 R&D centres worldwide. 30 years of experience. Present in 165 countries. Strong presence in Europe A company philosophy based on 3 core values: Quality, Innovation and Design.

Intelius 2.0

A dual-drum washing machine, the first of its kind with two front doors allowing users to start two cycles simultaneously. Using the dual-drum washing machine, colours and whites can be washed at the same time, or a selection of different fabrics such as wools and cottons.

Haier has increased the drum size of its new Intelius 2.0 washing machine with the largest door opener for this kind of product (with a 36cm width).
The new Intelius 2.0 is a 12kg capacity washing machine with an A+++ -50% energy-efficiency rating.

The Tdoor series 

The Worlds first triple cooling system. The T-DOOR Series is a completely modular refrigerator, using a unique triple cooling system.
Featuring three separate evaporators for a single compressor, the refrigerator can be used in a traditional fridge/freezer setup or, for example, with a larger refrigerator space (+25% additional space). A 100L adjustable- temperature zone can be controlled from -20° to 5° C. The main benefit of this flexibility is the longer freshness of foods, enhanced not only by the adjustable zone but also by a dedicated humidity zone specially designed by Haier.

No compressor wine cellar another world first.

This prototype cooling device completely inaudible is refrigerated by a solid state cooling system, an ideal alternative to traditional compressor-based refrigeration technology, which responds directly to consumer demands for non-vibrating and no-temperature variation wine cellars.
This is vital when we consider that wine requires particular storage conditions to maintain its quality. An optimal environment is required especially for red wine, as its taste can be affected by subtle vibrations or temperature changes.
The compressor-free cooling alternative will be extended to other Haier refrigeration appliances, meaning household appliance noise levels will be lower than ever before.

Also today Haier spoke about two smart watches.

connected watch H

Designed for children between the ages of 2 and 8 years old, this unique product gives parents peace of mind by keeping them connected to their children at all times. The watch is available in a choice of colours, features a 0.96’’ OLED screen and is waterproof at depths of up to 30 metres. It has a battery life of up to two days and is equipped with a microphone and speaker for telephone calls. Meanwhile, its red SOS button can be used to send an alert to up to three numbers in an emergency situation. Via a dedicated app, available on Android and Apple mobile devices, parents can define a safe zone for their child and receive an alert if the child leaves that area. The app features a location interface with GPS tracking, several days’ worth of location history and the option to retrace the child’s path. For remote surveillance, parents can listen to their child’s surroundings through a baby monitor function. Like the Haier E-ZY Smartphone range, it will be compatible with the planned Haier SOS service.




The new Haier connected watches range also caters for senior citizens, with a similarly functional model. It has an adapted elegant design, with an authentic leather strap in either black or red. Like the children’s model, it also has a 0.96’’ OLED screen and is waterproof up to 30 metres. The watch has a battery life of up to two days and is equipped with an SOS button to alert up to three contact numbers in the event of an emergency. The same Android and Apple app is used to set up a safe zone for the wearer. It features a location interface with GPS tracking, multi-day location history and the option to retrace the wearer’s path. Remote listening is a reassuring option in a situation of uncertainty, such as being unable to make contact by telephone. Like the Haier E-ZY Smartphone range, it will be compatible with the planned Haier SOS service.



Grundig had some impressive items today one which is something you would see in the minority report,more on that later,Grundig is the only European home electronics brand with products for every room in the house.




ZTE  Senior director Waiman Lam Senior Director of Technology and Partnership was the speaker today.


ZTE is no longer an unknown name they have had rapid growth in 2014 amassing a massive 48 million smartphones and 100 million mobile devices in 2014,this is huge. Also to add ZTE are the official smartphone sponsor of three NBA teams in the US.ZTE talked about its strategy and gave us some crushing numbers on how they are developing within the mobile arena,ZTE have over 1000 patents too.

zte g

ZTE Have 7% market share in the US,They have over 6 carriers on board and also use e commerce channels  and stores to attract its customers,this gives customers multiple ways to access their products.Check the image slides below for some stats on ZTE,they are quite impressive.

ZTE are a pretty impressive company and going forward i hope to see more of their products available in Ireland.


Paul Gray, Principal Analyst, IHS-DisplaySearch talks to us about 4K on where it is now and where its going in the future.Whilst 4K is still new for some,in some countries like Japan its the first thing people go to when buying a new TV and mobile is the next big thing to have 4K.


We did not expect any new devices from MS today as Build 2015 takes place next week,but they will be exhibiting in berlin in September this year so this will be great news for fans awaiting some new devices.Today’s briefing was mostly about cloud and developers.Bryan Biniak, General Manager, Developer Experiences, Microsoft took to the stage today.

The Age of Innovation in a mobile first, cloud first world

The entrepreneurial economy is driving innovation, productivity and economic growth at an unparalleled pace. Everyone has become a developer. From the garage to schools, maker studios, incubators and accelerators, to individuals, organizations, and companies – everyone is searching for the next big thing that will make their lives better, or accelerate their corporate growth.

Invention and reinvention have gone beyond the aspirational, becoming a way of the world. Over 400 million entrepreneurs across the globe are taking advantage of technological advances, helping them launch more than 300 million new businesses this year alone. Big companies are also adopting Open Innovation, as they strive to keep pace with evolving customer demands and business models. Microsoft itself is leading its own transformation as it aligns its products, platforms and services to empower every person and every organization on the planet, to achieve more in today’s mobile first, cloud first world.


More to come in the coming hours..


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.