Do you ever wanted to have those awesome action shots of you while doing some extreme activity? or just while riding your bike or your skate?

Presented at CES 2015 HEXO+ is an intelligent drone that follows and films you autonomously.

photo_heaturefullWhat makes Hexo+ different from the other drones for filming?

With it you can easily filming yourself without anyone’s help, because it was made to be use “control-less”, you just need your smartphone to control the drone.

With Hexo+ app you can set the distance between your subject and your drone, slide laterally for panning and vertically for height.

You can film yourself from the front, side, back and all around in between. All you need is three intuitive gestures and you’re set.
Once your settings are done, it will automatically take off and fly to its specified position and hover there until your subject starts moving.

Action sports lovers will be more than happy that now they can achieve awesome shot without complicated plans and large group of people.

55d6190d86aed88969117319797815e6_originalThe Key Features are:

Easy to use: set the framing on your smartphone, lock your target and you’re done.
Smart and autonomous: no remote control necessary; HEXO+ automatically follows your movements to maintain the framing you defined.
Designed for action: lightweight, foldable frame and legs, removable propellers and gimbal to fit in a backpack.
Extra fast flight: up to 70 km/h – 45 mph top speed to track even the fastest subject. Wind tunnel tested for improved aerodynamics.
Extra stable: hexacopter design and 2D brushless gimbal to ensure vibration-free, smooth filming. (3D gimbal option)
Safe: Fail-safe software features and six propellers mean a safe landing in case of a problem.
GoPro compatible mount: Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4
Optional 360cam mount for aerial 360° photos and videos.
(Includes The Director’s Toolkit: HEXO+ comes with a Garageband-like app to create filming scenarios with drag and drop, combinable camera movements: crane, 360° around you, dolly, far-to-close/close-to-far.)

Let’s take a look of how this idea came out and what can we do with it:

Some Specs

Dimensions: 62 x 52 x 12 cm – 24 x 20 x 5 inches
Total weight: 980 g – 2.2 lbs
Hexacopter design with 30° tilt propellers
Speed range: up to 70 kmh – 45mph
Flight time: 15 min with 3S battery, gimbal and GoPro attached
Filming distance range: 2 kilometers
Auto take-off and auto landing
Trajectory anticipation
Video target locking
GPS + onboard sensor position tracking
Processor with MAVLINK protocol
High performance 2D brushless gimbal
Easy attach/detach from drone body for transportation
GoPro mount
IOS and Android  App versions
Intuitive 3D framing or intuitive live view framing
Favorite framing presets
Subject framing lock
Emergency landing

After a successful campaign on KickStarter the guys of SquaDrone System  were able to do this:

If you’re wondering “It’s possible to control the drone manually?”

The answer is yes, you can use any of these RC controllers:

PPM RC receiver, Futaba S.Bus receiver, Spektrum DSM,DSM2 or DSM-X Satellite receiver.

As you can see is a complete package for aerial filming, ready to help you on your adventures.

The Hexo+ has only one downside (at least for me) and that’s the price tag, $1,249.00 USD w/ 3-axis gimbal and Hexo+ app

Do you still want one? You can Pre-order yours HERE (free worldwide shipping).

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