Wakē – NO more arguments in the bedroom. #BedroomTech #Wakē #Alarm #Home by @jimboireland

We all have alarm clocks or use our mobiles to wake us up,however in a fast paced world and with different shifts etc we find families might have different rising times and this can cause some discomfort in the house by waking others up. Now there is a solution.


How does this work


Once you’re awoken, Wakē will reposition itself should you roll over and shut itself off when you get up. You can always snooze or deactivate any alarm using the Wake app.

Wakē uses a parametric speaker (like a laser beam of sound) to deliver focused, soothing sounds that start quietly, and grow louder slowly as the light beam grows brighter. Since Wakē’s light and sound is aimed at you, your partner can rest peacefully while you wake up energized.

What is inside Wakē


Wakē has its own app that works like a regular alarm clock app — Just tell Wakē which side of the bed you sleep, and how you want to wake up.



Wakē installs easily in about a minute with a screwdriver. Just stand on your bed and fix the mounting bracket to the wall above your headboard. Wakē runs on rechargeable batteries and only needs a recharge a few times per year. The Wakē app lets you know when it’s time to plug in the included power cord.


This will go down a treat in my place,see more over HERE about Wakē

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