With the market converging towards wearables, every player has their own version of how cool can they get with the wearable. Today, HERE, the offline mapping & navigation giant has its offerings to the market but with a different perspective to the wearables. HERE announced HERE Kitty, a geo-intelligent collar for domestic cats that is beneficial for cats and owners alike. Well you read it right, a wearable for Cats in the form off collar.


With the cats becoming part of most of our lives, HERE has got a solution for all the cat owners to keep track of their loved pet. HERE Kitty uses HERE maps to show exactly where your cat is down to 10-centimeter precision.

The blog reads ” Owners can use HERE Kitty to discover if their pet is living a double life. Find out if your feline friend is cheating on you via real-time notifications of its whereabouts. You will quickly discover whether your cat is spending its afternoon out chasing mice or is, in fact, nestling up to the kind elderly lady down the road.


If owners accept the privacy claws in the terms and conditions, they can overlay their cat’s geo-traces on HERE apps through the “moggie-map” option on the menu, available soon.”

Here Kitty does weigh same as that of a traditional collar. You can also train your cat to communicate with you remotely via HERE Kitty by teaching it to lick the fish bone symbol on the collar. For example, one lick informs you that your pet is coming home and is hungry, so get the food ready. Three licks, on the other hand, tells you: “don’t wait up, I’m having a late one.”


This is a very ambitious move by HERE in order to help the community in of course a very good way. HERE Kitty will be available later this month. The leather and steel version will cost approximately $249. A premium model, integrating compressed Iron Pyrites, will also be available at $18,000.

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Source : HERE