Starting this week Asus held an event in Taiwan where the manufacturer brought us two little but welcome surprises.

The ZenFlash and the LolliFlash.

ASUS-Zenflash-LolliflashThe Zenflash is a Xenon flash that you can attach to your smartphone vie USB OTG and have up to 400 times more brighter pictures according to Asus

Is compact and small but gives you the opportunity of having a dedicated light on your photos (Something well missing is today’s smartphones)

2015030910390972744_ExtraLargeSize-640x640Unfortunately they don’t give us the price or availability of the accesory or even if it’ll work with not Asus smartphones.

The LolliFlash is something that you probably find familiar because of the SelfieFlash.

This accesory is aimed to all the selfie fans out there, is a dual-tone led flash in a lollipop looks a like package, it comes in various color with three covers, red, yellow and blue, that double as a filter.

Unlike the ZenFlash this accesory works with anysmatphone (as far as it have a 3.5 jack) But is more like a torch than a flash. it use a battery and have an “on-off” boton used for turning it on to have more light is the photos while it’s on.


Asus omitted giving more info about this too but we’ll update this post when  we have the info.

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