Circular Devices Ltd., the Finnish startup behind the PuzzlePhone modular devices, announces a partnership agreement with ImasD, the Spanish company specialized in ARM architecture building innovative electronic devices, to develop the PuzzlePhone and future compatible products around the Click ARM (Advanced Removable Modules) modular technology.

Adopting Click ARM as the base technology will allow adapting PuzzlePhone modularity to more than just a single format. ImasD holds extensive experience in development and production of tablet and other specialized devices. ” Click ARM technology is provenwith tablet format. Adapting this technology to a more compact format is a natural fit, “says Pedro Pelaez, founder of ImasD. “PuzzlePhone Compatible powered by Click ARM is an open standard that allows greater versatility and a simpler approach to third parties wishing to participate in the project.”

Alejandro&Pedro on stage at 4YFN

“When we introduced the PuzzleCluster concept last December we aimed to use PuzzlePhone modules beyond the smartphone format,” says Alejandro Santacreu, CEO of PuzzlePhone. “The collaboration with ImasD extends this idea into the products which will be developed in a more flexible and convenient way.”

One of the first PuzzlePhone Compatible powered by Click ARM products will be the PuzzlePhone, the first modular smartphone answering the market needs in a sustainable and responsible way. It has three easily replaceable and customizable modules: “The Brain” (main electronics), “The Heart” (battery) and “The Spine” (display). This reduced and minimal number of modules allows upgrading and replacing the hardware as easy as the software.

“We are working on the development of functional prototypes that validate the technical solutions including industrial and commercial viability of PuzzlePhone” says Alejandro Santacreu. “Click ARM is the best available modular technology for the mobile devices. It is a mature and proven environment already implemented in other solutions. By integrating Click ARM as PuzzlePhone’s technological foundation we will shorten the development times and have a robust and versatile solution.”

PuzzlePhone Compatible powered by Click ARM platform is a European initiative combining the best and the most advanced design and engineering, from South to North and from East to West.

“PuzzlePhone compatible powered by Click ARM is an open standard that not only shortens the development time of devices, it also significantly reduces the investment needed,” explains Pedro Peláez. “With this technology the entry barrier is set to the level that allows many startups to develop modules and compatible products,” says Alejandro Santacreu.


To support the development of the PuzzlePhone powered by ClickARM open standard, Circular Devices Ltd., has collaboration agreements with leading companies like Grant4Com, AT&S, Fraunhofer, IZM, GlobalSa and OgilvyOne Barcelona.

OgilvyOne Barcelona is Circular Devices Ltd. partner in brand development. This collaboration is a part of the Ogilvy Upcelerator initiative to help emerging companies accelerate and validate their products and services.

Circular Devices at Mobile World Congress


Circular Devices is present at the booth of Team Finland, Hall 5, Stand 5C31 and at the ImasD booth within the Spain Pavilion, Congress Hall Square, Stand CS60.

On Wednesday 4th at 13:30h, Circular Devices will support ImasD in their presentation at the Spanish Pavilion.