Today O2 officially became Three and you may have noticed some changes in your area as to stores been refitted and the O2 branding we all knew for so long has vanished.The new stores look nice and have plenty of live demo devices in store which will give customers a real feel for devices over the dummy models we are used to,there is a nice array of stands or pods if you will to try out the new devices there and then.

So what does it mean for you the customer.

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O2 and Three have come together to create a stronger network. So for customers previously on O2, wherever the O2 logo once appeared, you will now see the Three logo – in stores, online, on your phone and your bill or top up receipt. Although the logo has changed, your contract, coverage, care and terms remain the same. And from June 2015 you can enjoy exciting developments like improved data coverage and superfast 4G. For Three customers, our front-line Customer Care has moved to Limerick and it will be supported by a brand new centre in Waterford and our current team in India. As well as that, we will continue to roll our super-fast 4G out over the coming months.


Has my coverage improved?
We’re continuing to invest in building a state-of-the-art 4G network to ensure even better coverage right across the country.

Has my price plan changed?
Don’t worry; there has been no change to your price plan. Your contract and benefits remain the same.

If I had free 3 to 3 calls, will I now be able to call people previously on O2 for free?
If you previously had free 3 to 3 calls as part of your price plan, you can now call mobiles previously on O2 for free within your price plan.

Have my broadband speeds improved?
Our combined capabilities mean we’re equipped for the fastest possible 4G rollout. We’re currently working to create a super-fast network for all our customers providing even faster broadband speeds.

Have my terms and conditions changed?
No, we’re happy to assure you there has been no change to your T&Cs. Your contract remains the same.

Do I have to get a new number?
No, your number remains the same as before.

Do I need a new SIM?
No, you don’t need a new SIM; everything remains the same for you.

Is customer care moving to Ireland?
Three’s front line customer care has been moved to Ireland. Along with our Limerick Customer Care centre we have recently opened a second centre in Waterford to help deliver market-leading support and services. Our India based centre will continue to support the two Irish-based centres.

Three also now have continued support with its forums too which is good to see,so if users have any issues they can come here for help or via their social media so you should be in good hands here in regards support.


Three has 2G 3G and 4G networks and is expanding its 4G rollout this June which customers can enjoy,with over two million customers now it puts Three in 2nd place in Ireland for its market share next to Vodafone.

Expect some good things over the next few days.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.