Let me take you through what PuzzlePhone is for the staters and then give the details of their press release for the MWC 2015 & 4YFN season 2.

PuzzlePhone is an easily repairable and upgradable smart phone equipped with open source code for reliable auditing and community support. PuzzlePhone stands for maximizing the product life cycle and minimizing the creation of waste by developing modular mobile device which consists from three easily replaceable and customizable modules.  PuzzlePhone aims to maximize the importance of the local markets in production the same time minimizing the impact to the ecosystem by shortening the logistics chain and bringing back manufacturing to local markets and ensuring that production includes nature friendly practices and follows business ethics.


Press Release

The Finnish startup Circular Devices OY will participate in 4YFN and Mobile World Congress.

Following the positive experience of PuzzlePhone in the first edition of 4YFN, the event for mobile startups, Circular Devices Oy (Ltd.) will attend the 2015 edition expanding its presence to the Mobile World Congress. The presence of Circular Devices in the two most relevant mobile market events, held in Barcelona between 2nd and 5th of March, event will help to consolidate the project and to show the news and developments around the PuzzlepPhone.

PuzzlePhone is the first modular smartphone answering the market needs in a sustainable and responsible way. It has three easily replaceable and customizable modules: “The Brain” (main electronics), “The Heart” (battery) and “The Spine” (screen). This reduced and minimal number of modules allows upgrading or replacing the hardware as easy as with the software.

World Class Partners

PuzzlePhone progress continues at increased pace. Proof of this interest and strenght of the project is the support and collaboration agreements between Circular Devices and leading companies like Grant4Com (Finland), AT & S (Austria), Fraunhofer IZM (Germany) and ImasD (Spain). These partnerships help to ensure that the development of PuzzlePhone fulfill the needs and expectations of users. Furthermore, these partnerships will facilitate that both the development and manufacture of PuzzlePhone is conducted in a satisfactory manner and reliable in both technical aspects and production processes.

“The partnership agreements we have reached with leading market partners strengthen the viability of the project and give us a strong impulse to ensure the PuzzlePhone arrival to market on schedule,” says Alejandro Santacreu, CEO of PuzzlePhone.

Imasd, a Spanish engineering firm specialized in electronics devices, is one of the partners contributing prominently to the advancement of PuzzlePhone platform. “PuzzlePhone is a very promising environment in which to apply our experience and expertise in the field of development of versatile solutions and high-tech,” says Pedro Pelaez, founder of ImasD. “We are proud to be part of this project and help improve the life cycles of mobile devices.”

Circular Devices at 4YFN

On Monday March 2nd at 11: 30h, Circular Devices will conduct a single stage presentation at the Agora Banc Sabadell. In this act Alejandro Santacreu, CEO of Circular Devices, will talk about circular economy Circular Devices evolution and current status of PuzzlePhone with some very interesting news. Activity details here.

On Tuesday 3rd at 11:00h in the myTaxi Dome space, Alejandro Santacreu will give a workshop on Open Hardware and the opportunities that the concept allows. In this workshop we will count on the presence of an ImasD development engineer. Activity details here.

At 15:00h Circular Devices participate with other finalists in the final section of the IoT Awards 4YFN with a presentation and Q&A with the jury of the competition.

Circular Devices at Mobile World Congress

Circular Devices has a presence in the stand of Team Finland, Hall 5, Stand 5C31 and in the ImasD within the Spain Pavilion, Congress Hall Square, Stand CS60.

Also on Wednesday 4th at 13:30h, Circular Devices will support ImasD in his presentation at the Spanish Pavilion.

We wish the team of Circular Devices all the best and expecting some great news for the mobile enthusiasts. Do visit them if you are present at the events.

Stay tuned for more tech buzz.


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