We all have had that moment in life when we wanted a photo of someone we liked but without them knowing that we are taking their photo and getting embarrassed. Well now that’s a talk of the past. We bring to you a solution to combat this situation.


A simple app with very modest UI can help you take great photos provided you are on WindowsPhone with a front facing camera & have installed SecretSelfie on it. As the name so the function, yes this app helps you take selfie without the person even knowing that their photo has been shot while they were busy gazing at the photo.


“Just choose what you want your friend to look at from your photos, give them your phone to look at it, and then go to your Camera Roll to see your friend’s selfies” says the creator of the app Emmet McLaughlin. This app is very popular on the Indian store and has been featured a couple of times.


So visit here to download this very handy and simple app to prank with friends and never get embarrassed.


Let us know your experience and stay tuned for more tech buzz.

by @Tiwaash


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