Hey guys, today we have with us a team of young techies who have promised the world to give them peace even in crowd, wondering what am I talking about? Even I was confused with what technology has to do with this, but these guys showed me what they have made, it’s exiting. Ever wanted to ignore your partner’s snore while sleeping or wanted to isolate yourself even in crowd or just wanted to have a peaceful sleep? Well thanks to Hush it’s possible now.


In an exclusive interview with Daniel, Daniel & Daniel (yes they are 3 different person with different talents) we bring you what they have for you, read on to know more.


– Who are you guys?

Hush is a San Diego startup company that produces devices to manipulate sound. Our first product is a smart earplug that is currently live on Kickstarter.

– How did idea of Hush come up?

When we were in college we had our fair share of partying neighbors and snoring roommates. Most times I couldn’t do anything besides just lie in bed and force myself to fall asleep through the noise. We wanted to build a solution that would let us sleep through loud noises but still hear an alarm in the morning.


– What is Hush?

Hush is the world’s first smart earplug. A sleep wearable that blocks out all the sounds that keep you up at night, and lets you hear only what you want. Sound eliminating foam and noise masking provide powerful noise reduction and Hush connects with a smartphone app where you can choose which sounds you want to still hear. The alerts also sound in your ear so that they don’t bother anyone else.


– Who is the team Hush?

We are Daniel, Daniel and Daniel (mechanical engineer, designer, and computer engineer) who are out to bring better sleep to the masses (told you three different people with different talent).


– What are the Future plans?

In the future we plan to integrate music streaming and sleep analysis to Hush. There are also some other ideas that we do not want to disclose yet.

– Who are your Partners?

Hush currently incubates at EvoNexus, a pro-bono startup incubator that provides office space and mentorship. We are also partnered with Expertise Engineering, a local engineering firm, who are helping us to finalize the design to take Hush to a manufacturable state.


– When can we expect Hush to hit the market?

We have working prototypes and we are currently on Kickstarter to raise money to go into manufacturing.

– How much would Hush cost?

$149 retail price, $99 for early bird on Kickstarter.


– How is Hush different from other ear plugs?

There are many ways to reduce noise. Hush combines the passive noise reduction of earplugs and noise masking to provide a new level of noise reduction. Hush also has the ability to transmit key notifications through so the user can stay connected to the things that matter most.


Features of Hush:

– Sound eliminating foam and noise masking combine to fully isolate you from your surrounding environment.
– 10 hrs Battery life.
– Personal alarm.
– Notification filter.
– Soothing sounds.
– Connect to phone ( iOS & Android apps).
– Hush tracker to find them when you misplace buds.
– Comes along a potable carry case with battery which can keep it working for 7 nights.

Do support them for this Nobel cause. Let us know what you think about this innovative stuff in the comments below.

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by @Tiwaash