Yesterday Lenovo unveiled two new products at London, The new Yoga Tablet 2 and the Yoga 3 Pro.

The Yoga Tablet 2

lenovo yoga 2

With the new Yoga series Lenovo is aimed a larger audience, by giving them more power of choice. The Table 2 comes in two variants one with 8-inch and other of 10-inch and both model can be found with either Android or Windows. All of them are powered by quad-core Intel Atom SoCs, have 2GB of RAM, support for micro SD (the ones with Android OS comes with 16gb and the ones with Windows comes with 32gb) and 8mp main cameras with 1.6mp front cameras.

Lenovo keep the rotating kickstand design but ad a new feature, the “Hang” mode. This mode allow users to hang the tablet of a wall or anything they can find to use it as a mini TV.

The 10″ and 8″ with Android will be priced at €299 and €229, respectively and 10″ with Windows will be available later this October via Best Buy starting at €399 but the 8″ model will be available in November starting at €249 on Lenovo’s page.

The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

tablet pro

But I’m sure most of you find the 13 inch Tablet 2 Pro way more interesting.

The Tablet 2 Pro is not only bigger than his siblings with his 13.3-inches but it also packs a “Pico Projector” which let us have a 50 inch display anywhere. Transform any living room or bedroom in a movie theater with the addition of stereo front-facing speakers, and also a rear-firing subwoofer. The Yoga 2 Pro has a quad HD display is powered by a quad-core Intel Atom SoC, has 2GB of RAM and 32gb of internal storage (with microSD expansion). Like the Yoga 2 models packs the kickstand but a little larger for better stabilization and the duo 8mp-1.6mp cameras.

The sales for the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro start later this month at aproximately €500 but unfortunately there’s only Android OS this time.

So stay tuned for the better info regarding the new tech!


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