#FlipBoard finally hits #WindowsPhone OVER A YEAR LATE (early build) ,And it DOES NOT FLIP.. by @jimboireland

Last year when we attended the Nokia World conference in Abu Dhabi we got to see flipboard and spoke to some of the guys there too,over ONE YEAR LATER  Flipboard finally hits windows phone.. By the way it was announced in JULY 2013


My first impressions of flipboard are not good,in fact its disappointing compared to other similar apps there,flipboard does NOT FLIP this will be a huge let down to people who have waited almost a year for this app.

I am a full time windows phone user and like the OS as well as Android ,i love apps,Millions have waited for this app.

Watch the video below and see how it stacks up towards Android and rival app on Windows Phone Magnify ,which gets my vote..Android still has the best flipboard experience overall…

You can download Flipboard for Windows Phone  HERE Hopefully this app we have all waited long enough for gets an update soon..The other thing is it does not support 512 MB devices,again this will annoy people.

Over all it seems to be fine elsewhere and has a similar layout..


UPDATE. 21.06PM  25/9/14

Flipboard have now stated this is an early build as seen below to a huge fan of the App   got this reply from John Virtes.


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