COMPETITION – Win a #Nokia DC-50 Wireless charging plate with #NokiaNewsIreland #DC50.

Competition time again as promised this time its for a brand new Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate.

The DC-50 is White in colour unopened and of course never used.It is in association with our sister site JimbosTechNews which will be soon our new home with some great things coming and of course stuffed with Nokia Product news and more.


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The Rules.

1 – Open to the EU.You must have an EU address for postage – we will cover the shipping as always.

2 – Β Comment below and tell us why you want this fantastic kit.

3 – Follow us on Twitter over HERE

4 – Tweet the competition from the tweet button below.The more times you tweet the better the chance.

That is it. All above must be completed.

You can tweet from either of our sites if you wish..

Competition remains open until 12th September 9pm sharp. Winner announced next day.

Good Luck to you all..

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  1. So. I have a phone that supports wireless charging but I don’t have a wireless charger. Think the reason is good enough 😁

  2. I by default save my followers in Twitter from competitions like this. Since it is exceptional that I participate, I will definitely tell everyone that I got the wireless charger from (which is excellent advertising for free).

    Also: I have Lumia 820 and have been longing for Qi-enabled cover for it but as I would also need to buy the charging plate, I’ve skipped it. This would definitely enable me to buy the cover and promote the wireless charging to my friends (which is good advertising for Nokia).

    Also: First post. πŸ˜‰

  3. My 1020 has its wireless charging cover and I got my brother’s wall wireless charger (he broke his 920). I’m now convinced by the advantages of wireless charging.

    This being said, a portable one would be a nice addition to my travel kit πŸ™‚

  4. Fantastic complimentary item for my white Lumia 1520. Having the Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate at my beside would allow me to sleep well knowing my Lumia was charging up for the day ahead AND after a day at uni when I have listened to mix radio for a few hours, tweeted and watched a few clips I could conveniently charge up my Lumia on the commute home.

  5. It really is a great initiative to do these competitions. Great way to interact and give something more to our community, in addition to everything you already giving, doing, writing…
    To tell you why I would like to win this amazing gift, I’ll let my Lumia 1020 speak for itself : “Lacking… energy… and… battery… life… Neeeeeeed char…ging… plaaaate to surviiiiive… the… day… or else… I will… bzzzzzzzzz”
    Turns out it didn’t stay on long enough to say everything πŸ˜€ On a more serious note, I’d love to win this as I’m really disappointed in the 1020 battery life and it’s way faster and more convenient to use a plate than a regular charger all the time. Additionally, if I understood correctly, the plate turns itself off when the phone battery reaches 100% so no need to carefully look at it all the time like with a regular charger.

    Cheers, Jimbo and keep up the great work (and your funny comments) !

  6. Great! Jim you managed to fix the issue. Wondering what it was.
    As for the competition: Why should i win it? Well, why not?
    More seriously let’s say that i am trying to convince friends and family that Nokia/MS AND Qi charger is the way to go: Have a plate in many places of your home 🏠 to not worry about charging, just “drop” your phone on it.
    So another one will be useful to demonstrate that, won’t it? πŸ˜‰

    1. Finally, the expiry date on comments reset to default mate. Imagine, a little thing like that… Grrrrr.

  7. after 2 years of being blocked of the ignorant owner of this blog I know have been allowed to post again πŸ˜‰ therefor my post will be nice, as I don’t want Mister tablecloth block me again. Here we go Jimmy boy; That charging plate, just send it over, Mister clayface.

    1. Thomas my dear friend you have been automatically disqualified. LOLOLOL… just kidding.

  8. …because I’m worth it… From: the Nokia Reject! 😁😁😁😁😁 (and her Lumia 625)

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